After an election cycle unlike any other, we’re beginning the process of winding down our work and want to take a moment to highlight the impact our efforts have had.

In the 2020 cycle, Hawkfish bought more than $150 million in media on behalf of our clients, created and trafficked…

Donald Trump was “deplatformed,” but his message is still able to reach millions.

Analysis: James Owens; writing by Stephen Levinson; editing by Charlotte Platt; data visualization by Alessia García.

This post was adapted from our More Data newsletter, a regular update on the tactics and trends shaping the political landscape…

Democrats, take note: Vets are not a unified bloc.

Research by Hawkfish Research, and Alexander Starr. Writing by Jim Flood.

Photo by Israel Palacio on Unsplash

Donald Trump’s deficits in national and swing-state polls have grown as he’s lost support among key demographic groups, most notably senior citizens and suburban women. Another group with the power…


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